Thursday, July 1, 2010

bye bye bookie

This little book is about the size of a passport and arrived full of scribbles, squiggles and squippies (squippies are my just invented word for tiny stickers).

Not much room at the book inn here, but managed to find an empty spot.......a page with a cream squippy on it. That would be the one on the right.......and there I added some colored penciling.

And off it goes today July 1, 2010 to the next recipient. Happy summer to all!


  1. ah yes, this is the book I started - you know you (and the rest of the participants) can feel free to color/ paint / cover/ paste over anything in the book - that was just a starting point. I didn't include instructions but I did not mean for any of my work to be an end result - it was just the beginning. feel free to use white out/ gesso - anything you want to create whatever you want - you can also alter the cover. :) It's kind of more an exercise in deconstruction/ removing - instead of just adding.

  2. @7717
    instructions are nice, but no instructions are just as nice.:)
    the paper is so thin, many pages were bleeding onto the other side.....kind of hard to paint on it..........that is why i used colored pencils......i'd be very reluctant to paste over or white out somebody elses work, unless I knew them real well. haha!
    I liked all the designs all over it. It was a very intrigueing book. It will be interesting to see what it looks like when it comes back to you.