Friday, April 2, 2010

What's in Your Purse?

What's in Your Purse?

I got this purse at a thrift shop because I wanted to use it as some kind of book cover for the project. Then it got left in my friend's car! I finally got a hold of it yesterday, and took it into my studio to figure out what to do with it. There was a bit of pressure, because I knew it had to be mailed the same day. It was fantastic to work on something new and creative. It all came together pretty quickly, one idea led to another and Ta Da!
This is a fun book attached inside a sequined/embroidered purse......Open the clasp and pull on the tab to bring the eight panels into full view. The pink tag has the directions on it. The round white tag attached to the purse says "Philly Handmade Book Exchange - What's in Your Purse"
Each artist will untie a panel, take the folded fabric page out, and then use the included fabric pens to write and illustrate their fabric page on the them of What's in Your Purse? Once completed, fold your fabric piece back up, slide it into the panel, and tie it back in.
Then put the fabric pens back into the purse, and tuck all the panels back in, leaving the pull tab to extend beyond as in the photo, close the purse, put it back into the mailing envelope. And off to the next person she goes.

I went first and listed the contents of my purse and a drawing of a tree, grass and flowers.......

It was placed into a bubble pack envelope and mailed on April 1st to Melissa Frueh. The mailing envelope can be used over and over again, by simply glueing a new address label on.

Looking forward to receiving my first book!


  1. Oh wow. Just wow. This is such a clever interpretation of the "book" idea!