Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Failure = discovery

I attempted to spraypaint the purple plastic box I bought to contain my index card "book," thinking silver would be much more interesting than purple. Alas, I forgot that spraypaint tends to not want to stick to things that are plastic, particularly if they are bendy plastic. Much flaking ensued:
At first this was annoying, since my desk, hands, and clothing were full of little paint flakes and my box was mostly back to its former purple self. But then I realized that the paint flakes would stick to paper, so I coated some of my index cards in glue and pressed them down on the paint flakes, which stuck in random interesting patterns. A happy accident! Here are some of the cards in progress- I'm trying to not do too much, but to at least make one mark on each card.

Back to square one with decorating the box- I'm going to try decoupaging some mulberry paper to it using a glue that I know will stick to plastic!


  1. hahaha o man, glad it worked out in the end! it's almost time for swappin'!!

  2. I'm really looking forward to having a book to work on every month. this is such a fun thing to do......